Between Two Worlds Lyrics - UADA — Covers de Chansons


Into the depths of their rabbits holes they go
Believing what fits their agenda
So that they may cast projections of their own
Through sightless eyes things are never what they appear
But a semblance
Phenomenon to those too far out and those too far near

Betwixt lesser men and greater gods
Bleak are the altars of fairness
Where all bow before their foremost frauds
The admonished transgress by
The misconceptions of their place
Like fork-tongued ophidians
Disclosing two masks for every face

Beyond the dark of night is where we transcend
Pursuing lures of light, let us begin again

Lying above and flying below
Circulating within the soul’s corruption
What is once broken shall again be whole
Unchaining stigmas from the mind’s abduction

Distort the realms of time, to our will it shall bend
Dispel what is left behind
For I shall seek no end

Let it be these beasts that will come for me
Severing shackles from my body’s thrall
Powerless to their excuse of indignity
It is within the center where we will find the balance of all