Don’t Ask... Lyrics - Alpha Wolf — Covers de Chansons


I visited your grave today
Pushed my way through the fence and headed for the back of the plot
Dead petals and plastic well wishes under my feet as I head to your resting place
No one comes here anymore
No one leaves here the same

Please don’t ask me how I’m coping
Because the truth is I’m not
And I just don’t want you to worry
I’ll find a way to be okay for you

I should’ve said it more, I love you, I always will
I should’ve paid more attention
But everything moves so fast
When you’re on the edge of your own breakdown

Here I am again, face buried in the sheets
Another day wasted due to lack of sleep
Here I am, fighting the pain in my chest
I’m trapped in my head

Wait there so I can find you
Float away, I’ll be there just wait
Maybe you’re not so far away
From where I want to be

But it isn’t enough
To scream and cry my way through life
While we’re torn inside
And what the fuck have I done with my life?

One day I will be okay
And I’ll say it again