Don’t Change You Lyrics - Rock Mafia & Wiz Khalifa — Covers de Chansons


[Verse 1: Rock Mafia]
Something ’bout the way you move
I can’t keep my eyes off you , yeah
Something ’bout the things you do
I love you just the way you are
And I don’t really, don’t really see your flaws
Baby, you’re a work of art
And you don’t even know you are

[Chorus: Rock Mafia]
Whatever you do
Don’t change what you do (Don’t change you)
It’s all about you (Don’t)
Whatever you do, whatever you do, don’t change you (Don’t change you)

[Bridge: Rock Mafia]
No matter how they try to flip the script on you
Stay exactly the way you are, don’t change you (Don’t change you)
And even when the reverend Jackson judgеs you (Don’t)
Whatever you do, whatevеr you do, don’t change you (Don’t change you)

[Verse 2: Wiz Khalifa]
Okay, never breakin’ down always gon’ hang around
When I’m at work, you the one I’m thinkin’ ’bout
Think he got one better, tell him, “Bring her out”
Tongue out, show ’em what that middle finger ’bout
[?] hit a high note just like [?]
If they ever doubted, turn them to believers
Got them bringing out awards for our year achievements
Seen the number one spot, you wanted to be it
I could keep a secret, we don’t gotta tell
Always need you with me, never by myself
You ain’t got the shop around, leave ’em on the shelf
You the only one, I don’t need nobody else
This ain’t game ’cause you heard that before
If they playin’, we gon’ even the score
When they walk past, they can hear us through the door
We make it hard to ignore (Hahaha)

[Chorus: Rock Mafia and Wiz Khalifa]
Whatever you do
(Uh, and Imma keep doing me)
Don’t change what you do
(As long as you do me too, hahaha, okay)
It’s all about you
(And honestly, I’m so into you that I would quit what I’m doing to do you too)
Whatever you do, whatever you do, don’t change you (Don’t change you)