EnRoot Intro Lyrics - Tia Carys — Covers de Chansons


How’s this over already before shit’s even started?
I finally learnt to love, not with my head, but with my heart again
And the chance that I took, lost a couple of friends
But then again, if they were friends, would’ve accepted understandably
Luckily, no family
If I came out, would the black side be made at me?
Imaginin’ my dad’s brown eyes while he frowns at me
All for this girl, and I’m still here, writin’ a rhapsody
So here, I’m sittin’ in my room, heartbroken, fuckin’ hurtin’
Puttin’ too much love and time into one person
What an excursion, every right to be nervous
We’re dealin’ with no purpose, every right to be assertive
For them to understand, they need to know how it started
How I met this light-skin girl at this party
And not once have I questioned before my sexuality
Not once have I considered a thought labelled artificiality
By society, held my head high and fuckin’ labelled it spontaneity
Girl, the way I felt for you gradually grew to more than just carnality
Same career path, I’m in a fictional reality
If I can take this on, I’m unstoppable
I’m in this race, faced with different minor obstacles
Like talks behind my back, lost friends and fake love
Words are such like, “Do you really, really hate God?”
I like man, but I like girls too, and I’m admittin’ it
So tell me, really, what makes me and you so different?
Wasn’t no sex before marriage in the commandments?
Ha, yeah, guess you’re a sinner too
So fall the fuck back, and let’s start reexaminin’
So drawn into my life, man, I need to start patternin’
Take time and just freeze like a mannequin
Ha, I can’t breathe like they stranglin’
You started chattin’ me, yeah
No lie, you started gettin’ me gassed
It’s feelin’ normal when you hit me up, I know that’s my girl
I’ma respect you like a lover, yeah, you know that’s my girl
Like fuck this carousel, I want to see you again
Goin’ in circles, why you playin’ when you’re more than a friend?
Girl, and I don’t want this to end
Girl, I tell you, lovin’ you is more than a trend
Naturally, next, now is the time for division
The time for decision, the reason for recision
‘Cause nothin’ ever lasts, everybody’s greedy
Prick payin’ visits back to your past
Why’s your ex still in the way like? Are you missin’ all your memories?
I get it, sex marks the ex like treasury
Last night, you gave me neck, I guess you’re there just for accessory
Unfair games and no referee
Playin’ it by my rules
I’m turnin’ spiteful
Argued every time we spoke
When I spoke, you professed to comprehend
My views of impediments
Oh, girl, you’re tryin’ to test
I’m disrespectin’, gettin’ stressed, hence, why I’m cursin’ you out
Movin’ reckless, cursed your ex, continue mockin’ you clowns
So everybody knew about Tic Tac and Tramp
And how Tramp used Tic Tac just to drive her around
Ha, you shitty, little liars
Fuck you think, you’re Bonny and Clyde?
So I had the bitch pullin’ up to my bumper
Next day, Snapchat, I went and burn the bitch’s jumper
What messes me around ain’t what’s meant for me
Unnecessary arguments and stress
More stress, less trust and jealously
Mitigate through music, my alone time is therapeutic
I would’ve been fucked up way more than mentally
So here’s my remedy for perplexity
Clear my head and give me some sense of supremacy
Depended on, say you won’t let go
Go, fuck it, man, I don’t trust these hoes