Forestless Lyrics - UADA — Covers de Chansons


Where are those that provided protection
Where are these giants of old
And where in the world did I stand
When they need protection of their own
Nothing in this life is granted
Other than the reminders of decay
For all who stood tall have dissolved
Into the consciousness of our yesterday

Barren have become my lands
Emptied through the avarice deed
Lacerated by the wounds of hand
Vanished keep of bark, root and seed
Sapling ghosts I long for now
Blackened by the touch of fire and smoke
Lost in the questions of why and how
I still the whisperings of pine and oak

Thy thickets urn, my heavens burn
Where now will I search for serenity
For leaf and fern, my heart shall yearn
Within the embers of our own obscenity

Paradise now feign, nature in chains
As is my soul internally
For the cost of gain
Blood stains these plains
And we follow in the footsteps of eternity