Intro (VOBBB) Lyrics - clipping. — Covers de Chansons


Pick it up right where it left off
The bet’s off, you gets off
On being skeptical, but shit is too real
Be honest with it, what do you feel?
The beast is hidden beneath the feet
And with the pattern concealed
It’s like you’re stuck in the middle of your terror, and
Never found part of yourself, but
Oh well, guess that wasn’t in your ministry
Here come the hammers to rearrange body chemistry
You should behave the way you do whеn family is threatened
You was making movеs, but now you making messes
Take this tape and play it, listen to the message
Did you really think that death would just be simple?
No, it never stops, you should run away
You won’t make it far
Count your blessings for the life you’ve had and depart
Or else welcome to the retribution for your life of wasted illusions
And you could have been in the movement
If you hadn’t fucked up and moved in and did it
So focus on fixing so cover your throat
‘Cause it’s clipping–