Layin’ on the Tracks Lyrics - David Duchovny — Covers de Chansons


This civil war that we’ve been fighting in
Since before the flood
Yeah there’s a part of us that’s always been
At home in the blood
Nobody knows where to find you
Nobody knows you half the time

Have you seen what it’s like
At the razor’s edge?

The part of you that needed love
You had to kill, you had to make it pay
But It keeps slipping through the cracks
You cannot fill this shadow you can’t slay

The crowds will gather in the poison rain
To hear what they want
Scream and cheer for what was once insane
That passes for fun
It’s a killing joke that no one laughs at
A stupid orange man in a cheap red hat

Will you stand with me now
At the river’s edge?

The part of me that turned away
I have to kill, I have to break the chain
Because your suffering, it is my pain
It is my suffering
Layin’ on the tracks
I don’t wanna come back
I don’t wanna come