Looking Like Meat Lyrics - clipping. Feat Ho99o9— Covers de Chansons


[Intro: Daveed Diggs]
Hands up if you hungry
Hands up if you want some
Hands up if you ready for more
‘Cause you ain’t really got none

[Chorus: Daveed Diggs]
Say “come here
Yeah, you
You look like you think you hard
Where you from?
Get the fuck out
Hey you, step off
Before somebody pull your card
Where you from?
Where you from?
Get the fuck out”

[Verse 1: Daveed Diggs]
Lunch time, come and get it
Too long standing in the lunch line
Hungry with it
Oh, you got a punch line?
Just a minute, gotta get the mack in one time
Thread too expensive for the G, see thе drip?
Crypt keeper crip walking where thе feet are lit
Blood drinker blood talking when you see the blick
Brazy on the brain, crack the skull
Go on, eat the shit
Stem on, step off, somebody smell like fear
Somebody got no clue why he is here
That might be you, you might want to be clear
It’s cool, it’s cool, you’re so endearing
Looking like a snack, no cap, no flattery
But you like to beat it up and come no battery
So free range meat, guess it’ll have to be
Roast on a spit, pole through the oral cavity
Got you open kid, don’t front
Once in a black moon, don’t pack a gun
But a fork for the flesh
And a spoon for the fluid
And the sharpest knife in the drawer to slice right through it
Like meat fresh like dice in the mirror
Like Tyson, just bite right through the ear
Like Christ, you don’t still get a mic
No one cares about your bars
Your screams are the thing they wanna hear

[Pre-Chorus: Daveed Diggs]
No way, better make one
Nothing comes easy
Can’t be scared to say something
When you speak, make them believe it
Hands up if you hungry
Hands up if you need something
Hands up if your hand shakes
It’s time for you to eat something

[Chorus: Daveed Diggs]
Say “come here
Yeah, you
You look like you think you hard
Where you from?
Get the fuck out
Hey you, step off
Before somebody cut your arm
Where you from?
Fix your face
Get the fuck out”

[Verse 2: Ho99o9]
Big one, you don’t wanna smoke a pack of razor blades for fun
Underneath your tongue I do magic tricks
God save him, I’m a specialist, ‘cause I’m a wizard with the shit
Pearl harbor with the clips
I’m a pit bull, hands off it with the gun powder
I don’t trust y’all playing in the background, shifty
Low down, gritty and grimy
Now stop at the pound for some gold teeth
Never trust that shirt, I’m a known freak
Something gets you, leave you looking like dead meat
Man these pussy ass niggas
I’m in the rain with this shotty up
I’ll strip you to your pussy meat and make you give my money up
Don’t tell me who’s telling
Don’t give a fuck what you selling
I’m butt naked, don’t follow
Easy captain, G’s no talent
Run niggas reckless, them niggas extra
Nigga, I’ll fuck your bitch with a headress
Camera in your head rest
She only listen to Sheck Wes, I’m

[Pre-Chorus: Daveed Diggs]
No way, better make one
Fiending for some bleeding
Not waiting for no one
Busy over here eating
Hands down, they ain’t hungry
Hands down, they don’t need shit
Don’t start shit, it won’t be shit
‘Less you really ‘bout that beef
If that’s the case

[Chorus: Daveed Diggs]
Come here
Yeah, you
You look good enough to eat
Where that face?
Wear that face out
Hey you, step up
‘Cause you looking like meat
Get your face
Gonna take that face off
Wear that face out