NEVER MET! (Remix) Lyrics - CMTEN feat. 100 gecs & Glitch Gum — Covers de Chansons


[Intro: CMTEN]
Ayy, yeah
Oh, yeah
Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy

[Verse 1: CMTEN]
You know I missed you from the very day you went away
I feel like Laura Les, saying, “I love you” on the plane
And even though it’s been a week I still think of your face
Blew all my money on a trivial video game
I dunk my head in the water so I can feel something
And now I’m thinking of all the times that my phone would ring
I reminisce and remember all of the songs we’d sing
But now I hate every one of the songs we used to sing
Can you believe that I didn’t think you would leave me?
And now I can’t trust anyone ’cause you just left me
I wish I never responded to all those texts
It’d be better if we had just never met
Can you believe that I’m missing you even though
When I was with you, I never felt more alone
I wish I never responded to all those texts
It’d be better if we had just never met

[Verse 2: Glitch Gum]
(A-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-Glitch Gum)
I wish we never met
We broke up on PictoChat, crying on my DS
I went to a birthday party for one of her friends
And now that this is over I can hate them, I don’t have to pretend
Remember when I called you my Barbie, and I was Ken
That was like the cringiest thing that I’ve ever said
When I was with you I just felt more alone
I just hope I’m bad enough to call about
When you’re on your phone

[Verse 3: Laura Les & Glitch Gum]
Ha-ha-ha, same, I feel like Laura Les all of the time
I get way too worked up, so I’m always fucking crying
Everybody thinking that you’re stupid and you are
Hopelessly romantic, gonna take this way too far
I was just a dog, I was eating off the floor
When I heard a knocking, someones’s at the door
Wait stop, knock it off, I’m not pretty yet
(I wish we never met)

[Verse 4: Dylan Brady]
I wish we never met, there’s so much to forget
I can’t get over it right now
I don’t know when that will be

[Outro: Glitch Gum]
I wish we never met