Obvious Lyrics - DeJ Loaf — Covers de Chansons



[Verse 1]
I ain’t got the answers, how you question what I did?
I ain’t seen a bed, tryna keep the family fed (Keep the family fed)
While still tryin’ to keep a level head
Started smokin’ weed, it started fuckin’ up my head
Niggas feelin’ like my hobbies was fuckin’ up they bread
Give me shit, get me rich, I’m turnin’ niggas into strings
Yeah, I’m turnin’ bitches into fans
Turned a boy into a man, take a bitch from [her hand?]
I lost some pussy niggas, I lost some great friends
Changed a couple niggas lives, now they taking care they fam’
My older sibling think that I don’t treat her fair
The truth of the matter, I just miss my brother dead
My younger brother don’t listen like he ain’t got no ears
I can’t tell him nothing, I put it in God’s hands
I been who I was so fame don’t get to my head
Anybody sleepin’ on me, just stay in the bed

Just like that
And that go for anybody
Anybody sleepin’ on me can stay in the bed

I can drop a loaf and I still get bread
Hustlin’ ain’t dead, man these niggas just scared, yeah (Scared)
Y-young nigga he just wanna put his wrists in the air
He gon’ risk it all, he wanna take shit from big dawg
Buffs won’t be the only sticks on his head
He gon’ need prescription instead
Why get caught at the light? Coulda ran you up a Benz

[Verse 2]
I don’t wanna hear from you until you stack your first 10
In the street five years and I ain’t really made no friends
I made my own, mane, I seen niggas swervin’ in
I seen legendary niggas bite my legendary drip
Can’t tell me I ain’t in my bag, can’t tell I done smoked a zip
Comin’ back on stage with a mink and more confidence
I want all the smoke and it’s obvious
But you don’t want no smoke and it’s obvious