Rot in Pieces Lyrics - Alpha Wolf — Covers de Chansons


I am cancer
I am blame
Toxemia with a face and a name
Infected heritage
Burn it down
Get the fuck out

Only the same in namesake
No memory, no sentiment
Another homesick runaway
Another noose on the family tree

Strung tight, apathetic genetics, biochemical error
Reject, reject
Strung tight, violent rejection

Twist the knife, dig out the nerve
Make me feel nothing at all
Live in spite, die in vain
You and I don’t bleed the same

I hope you’re buried without a eulogy to sit through
I feel sick whenever I think about you
Eldritch blood in my veins
Ruin me from the inside out

Regret never sufficed like a bullet in between the eyes
Nothing satiates better than a bullet to the fucking brain