Scam Jesus 2 Lyrics - OBN Dev — Covers de Chansons


[Intro: Phone Call]
He never did nothing not one thing he said in his songs
That’s cap, everybody know Dev ’bout that shit bro
You ain’t ’bout that shit tho
I saw the choppa, I saw the chop
That wasn’t mine I had to give that back
But you know personally, you know that OBN Dev don’t really swipe, right
Nah, he do
Nah bro, I’m tellin’ you he don’t, I’m just tryna be myself
Nah, he really ’bout that
So you really swipe?
Nah, I don’t do nothin’ bro
So you rap about shit you don’t do?
(This nigga really runnin’)

I ain’t lyin’ like TeeJay
I’ma teach you how to scam
If you really swipin’ cards, why he scammin’ all his fans?
Nigga pulled up to my city
Then he turned around and ran
Took his flow so I could get on
I ain’t never been a fan
Nigga sayin’ that it’s smoke
What’s gon’ happen whеn you see me?
(What are you gonna do to me whеn you see me?)
Nigga rappin’ in his songs ’bout some shit he seen on TV
Nigga said he gotta [?] and I don’t ever think we seen ’em

Now, I got that out the way I can teach you how to finesse
Quickest way to run it up, is off them employment checks
You can apply in every state, so after one go to the next
I know it’s really gon’ be hard
But, just be safe and don’t flex
Go into the loan site, and say your business closed down
Say Corona is the reason that it’s where it’s at now
You can get 100K for them loan, cash out
Once you go get approved, go an’ pull them racks out
You don’t need a pusher, or MSR to swipe
You can really make the same if you do it online
I’ma teach a couple ways so you don’t think I’m out here lyin’
If you ain’t tryna get paid, don’t even bother go and tryin’
CashApp, Vemno, and Chime is the biggest ones hit
It doesn’t work, ’cause you ain’t have no workin’ fulls when you did it
Go and find a good site, you can load up and get plenty
Better go and get a lot
‘Cause makin’ money get addicting
I’ma slow them steps down so you don’t get distracted
So and get a CashApp with 8 months of transactions
Once you get it, find the credit hope it’s in a good status
Go and add their debit card
Cash out and you can have it
If you wanna do Chime it’s the same exact way
In 3 minutes all the same
Use different phones every day
Every time you swipe a piece
Never do it where you stay
Any dirt that you do
Never do it where you lay
Get a good standing credit
And apply for a loan
It could ruin credit scores, so don’t try to use your own
And don’t do what I do
And go say it in a song
‘Cause I promise if you do, the feds coming to your home

[Outro: News Report]
Stimulus Checks are being deposited and mailed and scammers want there cut of the action