Space Boogie Anthem Lyrics - Triple One — Covers de Chansons


[Verse 1: Obi Ill Terrors, Marty Bugatti]
Kick you in the head like Tekken (Tekken)
Little bitch, what you reckon?
X-X-Square, Yoshimitsu with the weapon (Weapon)
This assault, where’s the pepper?
Bitch, I got that John Wick drip
With my girlie in a pink tie
Double barrel coke straw
Sipping on a Mai Tai
Ducking in a drive by
Rappers playing sidelines
I was watching Hi-5, whoops

[Verse 2: Marty Bugatti]
They say Marty be the best, yep, Marty be the finest
Kiss on my cheek, let me kiss on your highness
Piss by the shed, two by the bed
Dеbbie want bread and Marty want head
All I wanna do is havе some fun
Rocks in my socks and smoke in my lung
Vibe, you can feel it, drugs, you can deal it
Space boogie boys, disco, Marty, kill it

[Verse 3: Obi Ill Terrors]
Shut up
It ain’t a pickle, it’s a gherkin
Imma bust a nut on a boat in the ocean
Wreck that thing ’til she happy that it’s hurting
Peep that brain like a surgeon

[Verse 4: Marty Bugatti]
In my underpants, I am Wonder Man
Why you lying man, I’m the finest man
Moët in my bladder, dead you like an adder
Flip it over and start the boat again

[Verse 5: Lil Dijon]
She pop and lock like a pill-y
Doing twerk moves in the club, tryna get me
I told her, stop, that’s silly
Keep my legs shuts while I play more Chilli
Girl, I’m ’bout conversation
Don’t go to the club ‘less it’s obligation
I can show you love like we on vacation
Laying in the sun, that’s an invitation, girl

[Bridge: Lil Dijon]
I’ll pick you up at three
We can go get a ciggy and a coffee
Or whatever that floats your boat
Come kick it with me
We can bang it in the city to old CDs
Or whatever that floats your boat

[Verse 6: Marty Bugatti, Obi Ill Terrors, Lil Dijon]
Cocktail sauce on my brand new blazer
Shadow box Nooks in the stu’ like a laser
Gimme some of that, oh, show me what you’re made of
Brace to your face I’m a dom-dominator
‘Cause we dons to most cats, we stomp, they lay flat
Throw salt like plain Jatz, they talk, I don’t rat
You pitch, I swing bat, hit six on door mats
Keep tens on my lap, encore but no clap

[Verse 7: Lil Dijon]
Gimme kisses, oh baby, you turn me on
All I want is your touching and then you’re gone
Help me out, help me out, know I got the charm
Touch me in the wrong way, I can be so lovely

[Verse 8: Obi Ill Terrors]
She swallow arm like a catfish
I know two skateboard tricks
Ollie and a backflip
Stroke my lamp like Aladdin with the magic
Carpet, really neck a Schoo’ey then I spark it
Fuck Nerve, my shit way harder

[Outro: Lil Dijon]
I’ll pick you up at three
We can go get a ciggy and a coffee
Or whatever that floats your boat