Yap! Yap! Yap! Lyrics - Triple One — Covers de Chansons


[Intro: Lil Dijon]
Wait up
I’ve seen an axiom or a parody of the maker
And it burns inside, yeah, it burns to cry, yeah, go

[Chorus: Lil Dijon]
Chained by connections
Pains my perfection
Yeah, take me back
No, don’t you silence me
Said, take me back
No, don’t you silence

[Verse 1: Obi Ill Terrors]
Waiting at the door for the line police
They wanna look me down and give me empathy
But it’s plain to see, I’ve been eyeing freaks
Keep it on ice when I die for free
Eating’s gone out the window
And cigarettes play like old Nintendos
You can blow smokе up my ass, if you gentle
We climbing up walls just to gеt out the castle
Evian water to focus the aqua
Hearts on strings like a Massive Attack, I’m
Starting to think I’m a fucking actor
The way I talk shit just to get a reaction
And everything’s strange when you’re living in factions
And can’t get paid for your primitive action
Keeping in my ways just to keep the peace
But give it seven days, I’ll be fucking eets, oi

[Verse 2: Marty Bugatti]
Knock knock, peep hole, hit you with the ski pole
Squawking like a seagull, tighter than a keyhole
Talking all irrelevant, zip it for your benefit
Treat me like I’m heaven sent, stomp ’em like an elephant
Girl looking better than a young Jolie, how
No AC blowing out that mouth like, wow
Shawty grind better than a Ripstick trick, ow
Two humps flipping like a gymnastic, now
Hit you on that cellular
Your man looking regular
Put you on that pedestal
Slam you like a wrestler

[Bridge: Obi Ill Terrors]
Oh, fuck off
Fuck off, you fucking idiots
You come here
Talking all this shit like
Squawk, squawk, squawk
Yap, yap, yap
Like what
Fucking dogs

[Chorus: Lil Dijon, Obi Ill Terrors]
Chained by connections (Talkin’ all that shit and all that yap, like what)
Pains my perfection(Talkin’ all that shit, it’s what)
Yeah, take me back
No, don’t you silence me
Said, take me back
No, don’t you silence